Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Excuse me?


What the hell man?

The stole my ultratrademark! How could they do this? This isn't the first time I have seen my trademarked idea of trademarking new words being used recently. But this one is on an ad, and is probably making money right now (and actually might be trademarked for real).

Hertz, you cause me a lot of grief. But you somehow magically made up for it in the same trip that I noticed this infringement.

I saw this ad on the shuttle bus that took me from the Denver airport to the Hertz rental facility. When I arrived at the Hertz facility and found the lot with my name on it, this car was parked in it.

Awwwww yeah. A bright yellow, highly noticeable, 400hp V8 convertible monster. MAN this car is yellow. Look how yellow it is! It even makes the other irrelevant poor people car in the background look yellow. I bloody loved driving this car in the beautiful plains of the suburban Denver sprawl. Top down, music blaring, giant lead foot mashing the gas pedal... never going over the speed limit though. Cops are everywhere in Denver, and boy oh boy are they bored, so either drive the speed limit or drive so incredibly fast that they can't catch you. Hertz has some fun cars in its collection, and this was definitely one of them. It stands in ULTRASTARK comparison to the rental car I have this week, which is a Chevy Slow. I really think thats the model, the Chevy Slow. I'm pretty sure that its slow enough to not even require a reverse gear. Yup, that makes sense if you ultrathink™ about it.


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