Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Indy 5 million

$200 is an intriguing amount of moneydollars, wouldn't you agree? Consider the wide range of quality of goods and services you can purchase with that amount of money. Here is a list of things $200 will get you:

1) An extraordinarily low-end computer that does almost nothing
2) A 5.1 surround sound system with a blu ray player
3) A bottle of well-aged Johnny Walker Blue
4) One meal at Craft steak house
5) A year's worth of meals at McDonalds (also includes death)
6) A very used, old, crappy car
7) One night at a nice hotel
8) 5 nights at a Motel 6
9) A list of nine things (that'll be $200 please)

As you can see, $200 can either be a lot, or almost nothing. The more relevant example is the Sheraton Hotel in San Diego I stayed at two weeks ago, and the JW Marriott in Indianapolis I stayed at last week.

The Sheraton had a touch of the crapptitis™ ailment, whereas the JW Marriott was probably the nicest hotel I have stayed in in an incredibly long time. Behold its glory:

God dammit, every time I take a picture of a hotel room, it looks exactly the same as all the rest. You're just going to have to trust me that this hotel was as fancy as a shaved butt. Look at the little coffee corner?

Now, Marriott has its own hotel rewards program, which is not affiliated with either Starwood or Hilton Honors - so I gained nothing but awesome memories (or awesomeries™) from my stay here. Either way, if you're in Indianapolis, and you're doing whatever the hell people do in Indianapolis and you're going to spend the night... stay at the JW Marriott. Yes, its $200 a night, but it will be money well spent (or spell™... wait... went™.... nope.... hmmm.... wespent™?)


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