Monday, April 23, 2012

I could live there

Scientists recently discovered that good things happen to everybody, not just the wealthy. I was previously unaware of this strange phenomena. Up until now, I was pretty sure money equaled happiness. The evidence, although perhaps skewed, stands is stark contrast to the recent findings by leading and following scientists. When you have lots of money, your boat goes faster than poor people's boats, your apartment is larger and more spacious allowing for additional happiness to fit inside, you can afford better doctors who will increase your life expectancy and survivability of many ailments which obviously increases happiness, you can send your children to better schools that focus more on education which will allow them to amass more funds and therefor more happiness.

Well, I believe I have found the great equalizer. No, its not some sentimental emotion, and no its not a giant equal sign floating mysteriously in the sky... its the nexus of a time and a place: San Diego, the last time I was there. I'll let the warm, caring feeling flow through you and settle for a second. I know my conclusion was exceptionally profound or EXCEPTOFOUND™.

My trip started off with the discovery and subsequent enjoyment of a new lunch menu in business class on United's Premium Service flight to SFO from JFK.

The tenderloin of beef was actually really good. I was as surprised as you are now. I believe this put me in a good enough mood to avoid spiraling down into intense depression after seeing my hotel room once I arrived. I was staying at the Sheraton Marina by the airport. Normally, when you check into your hotel room and the front desk personnel gives you directions to your room, he or she says something like "just head over there to the elevators and take them UP to the 5th floor". But at this hotel, the deskman™ said "just head over there to the elevators and take them DOWN one floor". What the ass? My room is in the basement?

I know this photo makes the room look nice, and it was... sort of. It was just dingy and dark because the balcony outside was actually a patio with a view of a retaining wall below the parking lot. Excellent.

I was ok with this room despite its dark and dank disposition at first, but when I sat on the bed to order room service and a spider that was way too big crawled out from behind the pillows I decided that I needed to be somewhere else. I called the front desk and had them to reassign me a room, just like a spoiled celebrity!

The new room was on the floor above and was much better.

But none of this really mattered because I was so ultraenamored™ by San Diego. The weather was perfect, the water was gloriously blue, the Mexican restaurants were absolutely amazing, and the pirates invading the port were friendly and intellectual.

This was docked at the hotel marina, you know... just in case you needed a pirate ship. And this is the view of the hotel from the pirate's perspective.

I know, I know, it looks really nice. It was OK. Airport hotels are always a grade below the standard because they're near the airport and people there are usually only staying one night. But that's the same everywhere. To the point of this post; well done San Diego. You've got a beautiful city there and I'd like to purchase it. How much do you want for it? I've got $50 in my wallet and another $50 in my savings account. I could probably liquidate a few assets and maybe sell a property or two that I own and get together another $50 if that's what it will take.

By the way, this was a Starwood Guest hotel. I've decided to explore outside of the Hilton Honors system since the Hilton Gold VIP status I've had for two years hasn't been as exciting as I'd hoped, and having points with both hotel groups will expand my free hotel stay choices.

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