Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gold in my mail 2

Yesterday was the day of GOLD! You all know how much I love receiving regular, paper-based mail. Well, imagine my ultradelight™ at receiving gold in my mail... again!

Every year, my elite statuses are renewed, and I either retain the same status as the year before, or sky rocket to extreme awesome status like I did with United. Since all these companies are so large, it takes them three months to process all the awesomeness. That is why you don't get your credentials in the mail until March or even... whatever month it is now, Febtober? Novemgust? Juneuary? Decetember? April?

Since I already received my United credentials, my Hilton Honors credentials I knew couldn't be far behind. 2 months later, it arrived! After spending over $15,000 at Hilton Hotels last year, Hilton decided to honor me by sending me the following exuberant mailer:

Notice how they cleverly bolded the two words that describe me: WORTH GOLD. That's right folks, I am worth gold. How much gold? I guess all of it. Although this is not the highest tier offered by Hilton, I'm relatively happy with what you get for this status. In your brain, temper that previous statement with the fact most hotel elite programs really don't offer you much except free nights. Hilton Honors gets you room upgrades, hotel discounts, and sometimes free breakfast, internet, and in room snack plates. My only gripe with it is that the points you earn are next to worthless. Often times, to buy a one night stay at a Hilton with points costs anywhere between 25,000 and 80,000 points depending upon where that Hilton is. If you are a business traveler, all of your important business travel is paid for so you will only be spending those points on hotels in places you're wanting to vacation - which means you can expect to have to pony up closer to 80,000 points. Now, it took me a year of staying at Hiltons to save up 80,000 points. In that year, at least 30 nights were spent at a Hilton hotel. That's not a very good turn around on points. However, you can also earn United miles for staying at Hilton, so there is some double dipping involved.

I'm just glad that the card is actually gold. Last year it was a sand colored card featuring palm trees and water and literally no gold. This year its Egyptian themed... for some reason.... and that.... you know... connotes wealth. GOLD!

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