Friday, January 6, 2012

Important Business

Are you an incredibly important businessman or woman? Do you constantly hold meetings and discuss action items? Do you move AND/OR shake? Well, in that case, do I have a sweet suite for you!

This year, my wife and I decided to stay in a hotel in Boston instead of driving in a car to NYC on New Years eve. So I naturally started looking for Hilton properties in Boston that I could book a night in with points. The Downtown Boston Hilton that I had stayed in once before wanted the equivalent of $40 billion dollars in Hilton Honors points for one night. Since I was about 234,455,634,673,443,636 points shy of that, I decided to search for properties near the airport since we'd be flying in around 7pm. That is when I found the illustrious Embassy Suites Logan Airport.

MAN alive was this place in a dumpy location. It was surrounded by rental car graveyards, chain link fences, and forklifts. You also couldn't get there by car without first going through the airport itself. But, they only wanted something like 40,000 Hilton Honors points. However, right before I booked a regular room for one night on New Years eve, I noticed that for 46,700 Hilton Honors points, I could book an Executive room. Since the difference was 6,700 Hilton Honors points (and 6,700 Hilton Honors points is a worthless amount, its like half of a Peso) I decided to opt for it.

Embassy Suites; the ultimate in fake luxury, or fakexury™!  We had a corner room facing the beautiful Hertz rental car facility, a seperate bedroom and living room, and, my absolute favorite amenity, a giant board room conference table complete with businessconferenceman™ chairs.

Who the hell needs 8 conference room chairs? Actually I do, for all of my extremely important and sundry business activities that I MUST conduct in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere. My wife and I held several conferences on the subject of how awesome I am. The conferences were inconclusive.

At least I'm putting my Hilton Honors points to good use. I had over 200,000 points that took me probably somewhere between 40 to 50 individual stays over the course of 3 years at Hilton Hotels worldwide to accrue. I'm thrilled to know that I could afford about 4 and a half nights at a crappy hotel in Boston if I really wanted to go all out.


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  1. I have stayed at many a crappy hotel....but none have ever had a conference table....very well done sir.