Monday, October 24, 2011

More than one tree

Have you ever been to the 80's? Its a strange place, and an even stranger time. As far as I can remember, everything was incredibly stupid. Random shapes floating in a grey landscape was considered art, giant hair and shoulder pads were considered sexy, and Ronald Reagan was president.

Well, my experience at the DoubleTree in Westminster Colorado was reminiscent of those hilarious years. But not EVERYTHING about the 80's was bad. It was just... so 80's.

First off, when I walked in upon arrival, nothing in the decor of the lobby suggested anything other than modern-hotel-that-is-slightly-nicer-than-a-Hampton-Inn. Because of my awesome Hilton VIP Gold Status, I was upgraded to the "concierge floor" that featured a "concierge lounge" where free food and alcoholic drinks were served during certain times of the day. Remind you of the economically prosperous 80's a little bit? I had to use my room key in the elevator to get to the special floor. How deliciously secret, kind of like Iran Contra!

But it was when I entered my room that I suddenly felt like I was back in the 80's.

Aside from the flatscreen television, this room just looked, smelled, and tasted like a brand new hotel... in 1985.......


You know what, this picture doesn't make it look like the 80's at all. You just have to trust me, it was a 30 year old building. It had that feel to it, even though the furniture was probably replaced more recently.

But it didn't matter, the concierge room where there was free food and drink was located right next to my room. So whenever I was feeling upset about the fact that the 80's happened, I just hopped over to the lounge for some free fried dumplings and a Corona.

One day, I came back to the hotel from a long day at work and noticed several young girls in the lobby dressed in tight blue skirts and some kind of matching blouse. One of them came up to me while I was walking to the elevator and asked me if I wanted a free white Russian. I stood there for several seconds trying to figure out what the hell was happening to me. I finally said "affirmative" or something stupid like that and received a free white Russian from a pretty girl in some kind of blue outfit... just like in the 80's.

Maybe the 80's weren't that bad, especially if all this free food and drink somehow reminded me of those times. I recommend this hotel, especially if your VIP Gold, but especially if you enjoyed the 80's.


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  1. It was acceptable in the 80's
    It was acceptable at the time

    I've got hugs for you
    If you were born in the 80's

    -Calvin Harris