Monday, September 19, 2011


I do believe that I can now be considered a gangsta. Scientists define a gangsta as an individual who consistently rolls in the most excellent of situations, and caps fools on the regular. Seeing as how I'm fond of punching orphans in the face if they get in the way of my upgrades/status/food/breathable air... I believe that I can meet both qualifications. Orphans (fools) are frequently capped (punched - I punch so hard that the impact of said punches have often been described as being hit by a bullet made of fists) by me to demonstrate how desperately I need my status. And since I done got upgraded AGAIN on both my flights back from Seattle, I do believe that scientists would conclude that I roll in the most excellent of situations consistently.

First off, I got this e-mail:

BAM. So I knew that my second flight home would be taken in style. I got this e-mail a couple of days before my flight. I'm still not entirely sure how I end up at the top of these upgrade lists. My thoughts are that 1) I have a higher fare code than most for this flight, which means, like a sucka I paid a lot more than everyone else 2) My elite status is high enough that I don't have to compete with others in my status or above as often 3) boooooYYEEEAHHH.

I apologize. I forgot what I was thinking was the third cause for my constant upgrades to first classBBBBBBBOOOOOYEEEEAHHH. Sorry. I can't seem to help being a gangsta, and part of being a gangsta is frequently proclaiming your gangstaness™ using words that convey their meaning through their inflections.

But what really solidified it for me was that I was upgraded on my first flight to Chicago as well. I was notified of this particular upgrade when I checked in and printed my boarding pass.

This was all in spite of a problem. I have noticed that whenever I book a flight through United for a Continental flight, I have serious troubles checking in online. Whats really frustrating is that it is inconsistent. Why, minutes before I wrote this blog post I was able to check in and print my boarding pass for a Continental flight. But in Seattle, I was unable. I usually call up Continental when this happens and this time they transferred me to United, who then transferred me back to Continental. The reason being that the first flight, from SEA to ORD, was on a Continental flight. The second flight from ORD to LGA was a United flight. This caused intriguing problems that I was thrilled to have to deal with. But, due to my gangsta existence (or something), I was still upgraded on both flights.

So here is some valuable information; if you book a Continental flight through United, and it won't let you check in online, it doesn't mean that your flight has been cancelled or that you don't have a confirmed seat. It just means that Continental hasn't gotten their crap together enough yet to be able to link their database to United's. This SHOULD change in 2012 when the merger is complete, and my incredible advice (or incredi-vice™) may no longer be relevant.

Until then, keep reading my blog so you to can be classified by taxonomists as a gangsta.

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