Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to back upgrades

Have you ever been such an amazing individual that your excellentness™ gets somewhat overwhelming and you start to forget just how incredible you are?

That happens to me ALL the time. Especially recently. I've been upgraded so many times in the past three months, that I have forgotten what economy is like.

But I've been lucky, and the luck may be running out I suspect. I have a flight today that I have yet to get a confirmed upgrade on.

This is what happened to me over a month ago on my way to Seattle:

I had a connecting flight through Chicago, and when I went to print my boarding pass I noticed that I had been upgraded.

Pooping your pants with excitement is normal, right? I don't know what it is but this kind of thing just makes my day. When you spend your life cooped up in airplanes, its nice to be treated to some space every once in a while. I take that back. IT MUST BE 100% ALL THE TIME OR EVERYTHING FAILS.

Flying to Chicago in First Class was great. But I still had to fly from Chicago to Seattle in Economy. Or so I thought...

When I arrived at the gate, this was the upgrade waitlist displayed on the screen above the terminal:

I was number one baby! I don't know HOW the hell I ended up first on the list, but right before the flight boarded... BAM upgraded. BAM! Are you excited and happy for me?

Here is what I am thinking; Premiere Executive status on United Airlines is a damn good status to have. Everyone else on that list is either Premiere Executive or below. I may have moved to the top of that list because my plane ticket was probably more expensive than everyone else's. You see, I often have to buy tickets a week before I fly (sometimes less), which means that they are usually in a higher fare code. I believe this fare code is factored into who gets upgraded over who doesn't. As much as I'd like to chalk it up to my charm, class, physical size, excellent elbows, and karate abilities, I think its just because I spend more money on United.

So in conclusion: $


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