Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Save Money

Do you enjoy having funds? Do you want to participate in excellent activities but are put off by how much they could cost? Do you travel a lot for work but get a bit squeamish when you actually have to spend your own money on personal travel?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then I have some INCREDXELLENT™ news! You ARE me!

Now that you are me, there are some things you should know:

A) You are incredibly powerful, use that power responsibly.
B) People don't like how powerful/awesome you are, and they will make fun of your height.
C) You are a giant freak and need to watch the overhead monitors in airplanes when walking down the aisle.
D) You WILL hit your head on those overhead monitors in airplanes at least 4 times per flight.
E) You WILL forget where you are going with certain points when writing.

Here is an excellent tip on saving money when renting a car. If you are a Hertz Gold Five Star member, or any level of Gold member, there is a neat trick I have discovered that could help you save money. As you know, if you attempt to book a rental through the Hertz website, you will be presented with rental options that are way over priced. For four days this weekend, they wanted over $500. Thats ridiculous. So I went to hotwire.com where I know I can get stuff for cheaper. Rental prices were, for the same four days, more like $267. And you know the kicker? It was from Hertz. So I booked the Hertz rental, through hotwire. Since I didn't do it through Hertz, I wasn't able to apply my Gold status. Well, THAT CERTAINLY WON'T DO. So I called Hertz up, asked them if they could apply my gold status to the rental, and they did!

So, now I get all the benefits of the gold status as if I booked it through the Hertz website, without paying their ridiculous prices.

We will see how it goes but I may have just found a nice little loop hole.


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