Thursday, June 23, 2011

YES! Wait.... YES!

Sometimes, you get what you deserve. Since I deserve the absolutely best of everything available to anyone (including Gods), its no wonder that SOMETIMES nice things happen to me.

I love Mexican food, especially burritos. Delicious, delicious burritos. Sometimes I imagine that when I die, I will be presented to the pantheon of Gods as their new leader, and as offerings to my incredible soulpower™ I will be given endless steak burritos... and I will be happy.

So there I was in line at a burrito making facility ordering a steak burrito, already happy because of burrito-ness™, when I got an e-mail that made me even happier. It was from United to inform me that.... wait for it..... wait....... my upgrade to first class had been confirmed.

BOOYA. Now dance! Aren't you excited for me? You should be.

Being upgraded days and days ahead of a flight has an amazing effect on the rest of your trip. Namely, it makes it much better. Knowing that you're flight home will be so much more stress free. Ahhhhhh.

Up until this point, my trip had been relatively stress free. There was one flub and that was from Hertz. Hertz totally FUBARed the Gold reservations. Normally, I arrive to the Hertz facility in the shuttle bus, and get off at the special stop for Gold Members. I look at the gold board and usually I will see my golden name, in gold, followed by a gold stall number where my gold car will be goldwaiting™ for me. However, this time, when I arrived, my name wasn't on the damn board! I then immieadately noticed a HUGE golden line for the gold counter. I asked someone in line what was going on and he said that nobody's name was on the board. HERTZ FAIL! I said "gold this!" and got back on the bus and road all the way to the normal people's service center. I thought that perhaps the line would be shorter there, and I was right. It took me longer than normal to get my rental car because I had to deal with a human and go through the paperwork as if I weren't a gold member, which was irritating, but I did avoid waiting in line, which I hate. So some advice for you if you are a Hertz Gold club member and your name doesn't show up on the board, and the line for the gold counter is long, go to the regular counter, you will succeed.

Back to the flight.

The first class cabin was the same as the flight in, only this time I didn't have to sit at the bulkhead! The leg room in this particular cabin was not spectacular, and still is less than the exit row I originally had reserved, but man anything is better than economy. Its just a better experience. The flight attendants are nicer to you, you get all kinds of delicious food and drink for free, you're not sharing shoulder and elbow space with lowly riff raff... its just hard to complain. The way you feel after you fly in first class or business class versus how you feel when you've flown in economy is noticeably different. Your back hurts less, you don't have as much of a headache, and you feel more relaxed and rested. The lesson I learned? Always fly in first class. DONE. Seriously, the next four flights after this one have been in first class and I feel like I'm a better human for it. I almost considered donating money to charity, then I remembered that that is NOT what important business men, such as myself, do. We make sure the riff raff is as separate and far away from us as possible, that is why we invented first class!


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