Monday, June 6, 2011

Hilton Garden Inn

Hookers to the left, beggars to the right, do the hokey pokey and rotate your corpus 360 degrees clockwise because THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. That is specifically what the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Toronto is all about anyway. The hotel itself was actually quite nice. Excellent restaurants, clean and modern rooms, friendly staff... it was just where it was situated that was... not so nice.

That part of Toronto was known for his hilarious Canadian style fakecrime™ and easygoingprostitution™. The cops were frequently roaming the streets, kindly asking criminals to stop committing crimes... and the criminals were reluctantly agreeing. That is Canada for ya! I've never felt safer to be honest. I'm probably in more danger walking down 5th avenue while crossing 55th street from being shot than I am strolling down the seediest parts of Toronto with CAD100$ hanging out of my back pocket.

I really can't complain. The seminar I was attending was two blocks away. So I would just walk there (or take a cab due to the rain) every day. As I said, the hotel was very nice. My Hilton Gold status afforded me free breakfast every morning, free internet, and a couple of free bottles of water in my room.

If I MUST complain about something then I suppose it would just be to complain about the size of the room. It was a little small. But hell, it just didn't bother me that much. The free french toast in the morning and the syrupy free internet in the evening provided wonderful book ends to my work days.



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