Monday, May 16, 2011

Moving quickly

By the time you finish reading this post, a number of airlines will have cut some number of flights to and from your hometown. As scientific and exact as that statistic sounds, it may not be true that you have to wait until you've finished reading this post. It probably already happened.

I have noticed, in the past 6 months, that every flight I take is way more crowded than it was last year. That is because airlines are simply cutting flights. They blame the rising cost in fuel, they blame the consumer for being cheap, they blame Libyans for wanting freedom, they blame France for... everything else...for some reason.

Now airlines are reducing or straight up eradicating their hubs in small and mid-sized towns, villages, hamlets, and protectorates.

(CNN) -- If you live in a small to mid-size city, you've probably seen your airline choices shrink over the last few years.

Airlines have been cutting hubs left and right, and that has had a bigger impact on the smaller cities out there.

Delta's recent decision to slash 25% of capacity in Memphis, Tennessee, means one more hub is on its way out.
Wow, this is a really good time for me to be a frequent flier. Fantasgreat™.

This is a familiar story at former hubs across the United States.

San Jose, California; Las Vegas; St. Louis; Columbus, Ohio; Nashville; Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina; and Baltimore all had hubs in the last 20 years only to have them closed.
Choices are more limited, quality of service is lower, and tickets are more expensive... is the airline apocalypse neigh? Yes... probably. This reminds me of other countries whose culture was on the decline. But that won't happen to us, we're America, our government is a smooth, well-oiled machine that functions quickly and efficiently. Our citizenry embrace change and welcome diversity... and are educated good! We will win in the end. Science says so.


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