Friday, April 1, 2011

More fees for you

Those who don't travel often are most likely not in business, and are therefor more liberal. The liberals support the rebels fighting the dictators in the middle east. The rebels fighting the dictators in the middle east are, for some reason, causing the cost of fuel to go up. That means, republican airline corporations (mostly an oxymoron) are raising prices. So the liberals who don't fly often, will have to pay more when they want to visit gramma in Florida... and convince her to vote for Obama in 2012. So, we pay for freedom. Well.. YOU PAY, FOOL!

People like me who fly all the time, for free, aren't affected by the fare increase. Although I find it reprehensible that these airlines just like to squeeze the middle class for all they've got, I don't REALLLLYYY care. So I get to have my ULTRA-DELICIOUS™ cake and eat it to. Although, it would be weird to somehow have a cake and also not be able to eat it. What, is it like... a vegan cake? Those are EXTREMO-DIGUSTING™.

Since the liberals aren't the ones who are spending big on travel, that leaves the companies and corporations who are forking over the ULTRA-DOLLARS™ for plane flights. So, the fare increases are really affecting the more conservative or republican institutions. Which means, the same people who dislike Islamic freedom are in fact paying for the consequences of it.


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