Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why not me?

INSTANTLY KNOW EVERYTHING I KNOW... which is a tremendous amount, or tremendamount™.

As you know, Continental and United are merging. What you are also most certainly aware of is that Continental and United didn't have the exact same elite structure. United has tiers as 25k, 50k, and 100k miles. Continental has a tier at 75k miles. With this merger, there are four tiers. I'm a Premier Executive, which means, 50k tier. So now, via the magic of words and text, or... text................... I will share with you why that is relevant (if you didn't already ultraknow™ like I do).

I actually like the Cancun airport. Its somehow hassle free. You show up, its well lit, clean, and air conditioned. I was traveling with a business partner who was also elite with Continental. We waltzed up to the elite counter, checked into our flight, breezed through security, and was on to the terminal in no time. We had a delicious lunch at some Mexican restaurant and then sat and waited for our flight.

Since we were both upgraded on our flight to Cancun, we had hoped that we would be upgraded on our flight back. What is interesting about the flight back is that the plane was MUCH nicer than the plane flying in. In fact, it had the famous lay-flat First Class seats in it! I've never been in one of those! WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE IT ON THE FLIGHT DOWN DAMMIT?!

Well, boarding time came around and they hadn't upgraded anyone, so we just got in line (first in line, because we roll that way) and proceeded to board. My co-worker was stopped behind me while he was boarding by the gate agent. I thought he had perhaps been selected to be randomly screened. I started giggling, "sucks to be him" I thought gloriously.

I was wrong. He was actually being upgraded. DAMMIT. He got upgraded to the lay-flat seats and I didn't! Son of a garbage can! The reason? Because he had over 75k miles, and I had only 50k. If this was pre 2010 United, that would not have mattered. We would both be in the same upgrade pool, but because he was above that magical third tier, he won... he literally won at flying.

So folks, it looks like I'll be needing to get that 75k status, I am not satisfied with Premier Executive anymore. The way I've been flying this year so far, it doesn't look like it'll be a problem.

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  1. i think i will start saying, "son of a garbage can!"