Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not everyday is special

You are special, just like everyone else. Literally, everyone and everything is special. Except for a whole bunch of stuff that isn't special. But being not special is like being special, it distinguishes you from the other... so... in essence, everything is both special and not-special at the same time.... BRAINSPLOSION™

An example of said non-specialness was my time on the ground in Colorado. I do love the area, its beautifully rimmed by snow peaked mountains (majestic AND glorious), the air is clean and fresh, and there aren't that many dirty humans to ruin it all.

Once again, I arrived at Hertz to see that my name had three plus signs next to it, instead of a lot number. Once again, thinking I had been upgraded, I approached the gold member counter and expected a check for $5000, or a golden scepter, or a map of the location of the arc of the covenant. WE WERE DIGGING IN THE WRONG PLACE.

Nothing of the sort was given to me. She just handed me my contract and told me where my car was. It was a Mazda 6 with flappy paddle shifters and satellite radio.

I floored it out of the rental car facility, and then floored it onto the freeway, then floored it off the freeway, then ceilinged it into the parking lot of the Louisvile Hampton Inn.

I like this Hampton Inn, its clean, modern, and has all the amenities you'd expect from something more expensive... plus free breakfast.

The next morning I was expecting to arrive at my office and attend a training, but at the last second, I was sent to Cheyenne, Wyoming instead.

What a town, I'll tell ya more about it next time.

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