Friday, February 25, 2011

To mexico man

I went to Cancun once in 2001 for my senior class trip. Honestly, I am surprised that I didn't die on that trip. Not while I was there, and not afterward from a disease. It is literally a miracle I'm still alive. Someday, when I have ultrakids™, and they want to go on a senior trip to Cancun, I will kick them in the face. But being MY ultraspawn™, they will easily deflect and redirect my kick back at myself. I will probably fail at keeping them away from this place, but since they'll be so vastly superior to other humans, they'll probably survive the trip. And if they don't, well, thats Darwinism baby.

So, I was nervous when I found out that my company's annual sales meeting was in Cancun this year. It had literally been almost exactly 10 years since I had been there last. But I did see that our all inclusive 'resort' was in another town, off the main Cancun strip where SeƱor Frogs and Coco Bongo is.

I once again booked a Continental flight through United... out of Newark.


Why are all direct flights out of Newark???? Makes me want to stab my own vomit in the face.

But then the MOST glorious thing happened. I was upgraded. BAM. That is how I like it. This was the first time I was upgraded under the unlimited domestic upgrade policy on a continental flight as a United Premier Executive member.

The first class seats were pretty nice. Nothing too fancy. A big screen television with DirectTV 0n it, a plug for my laptop, and the best part; an awesome breakfast featuring eggs AND sausage. The most rewarding aspect of FC is how you feel after you land. I can't explain it, you just feel better after flying in first class compared to how you feel when you fly economy. Your muscles don't ache, you don't have a headache, you are more relaxed... flying in economy is a genuine health risk.

I have to say, the bonuses of being a Premier Executive member are certainly starting to add up. But I want more... I MUST HAVE MORE.

I landed in Cancun and was subject to no hassle at passport control or customs. It was very easy. I exited the terminal and was hounded by no less than 500 Mexicans trying to sell me something. I breezed pass them and headed to the outside bar where I had several beers waiting for my colleges to arrive on different flights so we could share a cab ride over.

Man, the weather was gorgeous. Just... really nice. Beat the crap out of NYC's weather. But my mood was slowly dragged down by the rest of my stay.

I'll clue you in next time!

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