Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why oh why did I rent that car

You know that feeling you get after you've punched an orphan in the face? Its called guilt. But guilt is a dangerous feeling. For all you know, that orphan could grow up to be the next Hitler, Pol Pot, or George W. Bush. Punching them in the face may have emotionally scarred them enough to make them keep their more outlandish ideas to themselves... or, I suppose punching them in the face could have traumatized them enough to grow up to be a genocidal maniac. Actually no... punching orphans is always the right choice.

Because the cost of my flight to Atlanta was so incredibly high, I felt guilty. I wanted to somehow make it up to my company... which is massively stupid (maybe I need a good punch to the face). So I rented the cheapest possible car Hertz had. A Chevy Aveo. Normally, such a small economy car isn't an issue on normal highways, byways, and triways. So, it was grandly unfortunate when Atlanta was hit with some record freezing rain which coated every road with a nice thick sheet of black ice. I was forced to drive home to my hotel from dinner in my tiny car that had something like, one-wheel drive and only one third of an airbag. I almost died. Fortunately, I'm a fantastic driver, so I avoided getting into any serious accident. But most Atlantians weren't so lucky.

The lesson I learned here is that there is no reason to get the cheapest car from Hertz, especially since it can directly lead to your death. Always get an all-wheel drive vehicle, just in case.


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