Friday, January 7, 2011

I made a mistake

I've wasted a year... A YEAR... of my precious ultra-time™ (which is worth twice as much as regular time). How can this be? How could I have been so stupid? Lord god of Jesus Buddha help me!

I went this whole year, racking up rentals at Hertz thinking that they would just upgrade me from regular #1 club member to Hertz Five Star Gold. Well, its the new year, and looking online I did not see that my profile had been upgraded. So today I decided to call Hertz and find out what was going on.

As it turns out, you have to have been a Hertz Gold club member WHILE you were acquiring those 10 annual rentals... THEN you get upgraded.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I said on the phone. I was so upset I actually said "so you are suggesting I move to Avis"? And the lady said "Noo sir, I did not say that". Its true, she didn't, but I couldn't help the jab.

Then she told me that because of my United Airlines elite status I get to have the Gold Club annual fee waived.


This whole time I could have been getting myself upgraded to Five Star AND enjoying the benefits of Gold Club for free... and I didn't even know it. Nowhere on the website does it say you have to be a Gold Club member already to be considered for an upgrade to Five Star Gold... it also doesn't say anywhere that my Gold Club membership fee could be waived because of my elite status with United.

So, I'm now number 1 club GOLD, and I can only pray that someone at Hertz decides to upgarde me to Five Star anyway, based upon my previous rentals.

Sometimes, it pays to just call them up on the tele-ma-phone.

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