Friday, January 14, 2011

I beat the system?

The system came over to my house and was interested in challenging my faculties. He was unaware that my faculties were derived from an extra-dimensional plane of ultrathings™ and were therefore superior. Anyway, I punched the system in the face. I beat the system.

Remember my glorious post about Hertz Five Star Gold status, and how I thought I had botched my chances at getting it? Well, before I called the representative, I sent an e-mail to Hertz asking "What the hell"? This was before I knew that I had had to have upgraded myself to Gold before being upgraded to Five Star. (I believe that previous sentence was in the past-present future subjunctive imperative cappuccino).

Well, behold the letter I just received this morning:

Dear Mr. Explosion:

We have received your recent inquiry concerning your Hertz #1 Club Gold
membership status.

After reviewing our records, we have verified you qualify for Hertz #1 Club
Five Star Gold status. Therefore, we have upgraded your membership. In
order to qualify for Five Star gold, members must have between 10 and 39
Gold Service rentals during the previous calendar year. Our system
automatically upgrades qualifying members at the end of the first quarter
of the year based on the number of qualifying rentals completed in the
previous calendar year.

As a Five Star member, you will appreciate benefits such as complimentary
one-car-class upgrades, subject to availability, and 600 Hertz #1 Award
points (the equivalent of one Non-Peak Free Rental Day) will be deposited
in your #1 Awards account every 15th rental. Additionally, members who
participate in the free Hertz Awards program receive bonus points (10%) on
rentals. These benefits are effective immediately following your upgraded
membership status.

It is not necessary to have the card to begin enjoying the benefits of your
upgraded status. The Hertz web site has been changed to allow members to
print a new card. Once you are logged onto our website, click on "My
Account", click on "Print Membership Card" in the member navigation.

We value your business and look forward to serving your future rental


Christi S.
Customer Correspondence Administrator
OKC Customer Services
The Hertz Corporation
P.O. Box 26120
14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73134


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