Saturday, December 18, 2010

When in Florida, drive with the top down

Some go to Orlando for the heat, others go for the culturally diverse and mind-expanding intellectual campus known as Disney World. I went for work, but I was excited to get away from the frigid temperatures of the lesser New York City area. I had rented a convertible Ford Mustang from Hertz, but when I got there (after waiting in an infuriatingly long line) the nice woman behind the counter told me that they didn't have the car I reserved.

WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? This has happened to me so many times. The whole purpose of a RESERVATION is to RESERVE something! I understand that every once in a while, a lead-footed busker drives the car I was next in line to rent off of a cliff and perishes in a fantastic explosion, but its ridiculous how often I don't get the car I reserved. Usually the line I hear is "I'm sorry, I don't have the car you reserved". I am tempted to reply "Why the tube not?"? (yes, two question marks are required because I need to denote that this is not a regular question, its an ULTRA-QUESTION™).

Well, this time the woman just gave me a better car. I was OK with that.

So, I got a Volvo C70 T5 with free navigation and XM/Siruis radio. And, it was also a convertible. Whenever I get a convertible, the very first thing I always do is put the top down. But, its always at night for some reason, and its ALWAYS colder than normal, and so... I always regret it.

Half way down the Florida turnpike, or whatever its called, I had to crank the heat all the way up, adding hilariously harmless heat energy to the universe generated from burning gasoline in a very very clean and emission-free manner. I felt great about it. The problem, of course, is that there is nowhere to pull over to put the top back on. And besides, I was in a convertible so I figured that I should enjoy it.

The truth is, the car was pretty excellent. It was not as powerful as the Camaro SS I had rented a few weeks before, but it was just as nice. Leather, good sound system, airbags in places that shouldn't have airbags, like inside other airbags and in the gas tank, seat belts... other stuff that I can't remember. But it was fun, and eventually the weather warmed up a bit so I could enjoy the sun while driving a few times. The awesome thing was that I forgot my sunglasses.... AWESOME.


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