Thursday, December 2, 2010

What the yes?

Sometimes, something will happen that I don't understand, such as the outcome of the 2000 Florida 'elections', the government's 'response' to hurricane Katrina, and the ticket buying process I just went through.

So there I was, sitting in front of my hyper-calculatronix machine booking tickets to Florida on when something happened that I didn't understand. After picking the two flights I wanted (which were both Continental flights), I went through the process of entering my credit card and paying for the tickets. After the tickets were confirmed and I was sent to the Continental website to pick seats, I was informed that my flight back home was in First class.


There was no message about an upgrade, no indication whatsoever that I was booking a ticket in First class, no nothing. Just... First Class. BAM. BAM I TELL YOU.

I wish I could give you some advice, or tell you how to make this happen for yourself, but I can't. I literally have no idea how that happened. An error in my favor? Maybe. Part of being Star Gold? Perhaps.

I will do the research and hopefully come up with an answer for you.



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