Wednesday, December 1, 2010

USAirways, run by idiots

You know how sometimes you are walking around, and then some guy dressed as the pope stabs you with a poison-tipped broadsword? Well, thats what it feels like to be a Star Alliance Gold member on a USAirways shuttle flight.

You think you're going to be treated well but then you're just tossed aside. Or stabbed. Or tossed astabbed™.

First, when I went to check in online, I was unable to select the exit row seats. It said that those were only available for THEIR premiere members, which I told you about yesterday. I'm thinking that maybe its not such a big deal, its a small plane, and a 45 minute flight.

I get to the gate and they start by boarding the First Class cabin. Fine. Then, I was waiting to hear "Now Dividend preferred and Star Alliance Gold members may board". Or maybe even "Zone 1 please board". Instead it was "ok, now EVERYONE else board".

Luckily I was already standing in the front because I was expecting to be allowed to board first anyway. But they just told everyone to board at once. Chaos.

The worst was on the way back. I got to the airport early so I paid the $50 to be put on an earlier flight. I was expecting a free flight change since I AM STAR ALLIANCE GOLD GODDAMMIT. When I got to THAT gate, the first thing they did was board the First Class cabins, then the gate agent (who had yellow, busted up teeth... classy) said the following, "Ok, we're not going to board by status or zone number, we're just going to board by row, so rows 20 through 22, please board". I was in the FIRST god damned row in economy. I boarded last. It is a damn good thing I didn't have a carry on bag because I would have been livid.

Poor boarding management is USAirway's thing. I will never, ever, fly them again.

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