Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Am I daft?

The answer to that question is; NO. I am incredibly brilliant, and attractive. Yes. I am brilltractive™. I also forgot what I was going to write about. That's what happens when you're so busy being amazing.

Oh yes, I remember. I wanted to share with you my experiences on a Continental flight, and contrast it with a standard United domestic flight.

Just a preface containing truthfacts™ for those of you who require it;

1)I am a premier executive on United which also means I am Star Alliance Gold on Us Air, Continental, and a handful of others.

2)United does not fly from NYC to Orlando

3)Continental and United have merged, becoming one airline by 2012

4)We know almost nothing about the elusive giant squid.

As I mentioned before, the first thing that was odd (but not necessarily bad) was that when I booked my Continental flights through United's website I was automatically given a first class ticket for my return flight. I did some research and it turns out that this is known to happen from time to time. You see, airline ticket prices are broken down into fare classes. These fare classes are determined by things like travel date, purchase date, fuel consumption, the position of Mars with relationship to Aquarius, and the whims of a particularly dumb bottle nose dolphin. Some fare classes are so high that they can be equivalent to a first class ticket. So, sometimes they just bump you. Its not that amazing of a thing, its a 2 and a half hour flight (although I have been told that they will serve lunch... I do enjoy lunch so very very much).

But what I liked about my whole experience with Continental is how it was just better than United. The plane I flew on (I forgot to make note of the type of aircraft... it was probably a Boeing Airplane (with wings edition)) had a television in every seat. I've never seen this on a United domestic flight, not even in the premium service flights. Secondly, as a Gold Star member and an honorary Elite Access member on Continental via the transitive property, I was not only able to board immeadiately after first class, but allowed to walk down a special lane marked with a blue carpet to do so. On United, not even premiere executives get to walk down the special red carpet lane.

I know these things are trivial, but that is what king Harod said about Jesus when he was born, it is also what a tech writer for the San Francisco Examiner said about the first computer mouse. Sometimes, trivial things make all the difference. Especially when you add them together. Imagine combining Jesus with a computer mouse. You'd have... well... I am not sure what you'd have but I bet it would be both useful and magical.

My experience on Continental was positive. I enjoyed the modern airplane with its modern amenities, I enjoyed the free first class ticket, and I enjoyed the priority boarding lane. Hopefully, when this merger completes, all my experiences will be this good. Until then, they'll be horrible.

Tune in tomorrow for my review of the Hilton Orlando and the Volvo C70 T5 that I almost crashed.


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