Monday, November 1, 2010

United computer errors causing STRIFE

[BEGIN HILARIOUS SARCASM] Its a good thing that computers work, all the time, always, forever. I mean, computer's don't have errors. Life would be incorrectly annoying if the computer systems we depend upon were to have problems. [END HILARIOUS SARCASM]

If you recall, many weeks ago when I flew to Los Angeles, I posted about how I was not on the upgrade request list when I arrived at the gate like I was supposed to be. You also felt great throngs of sympathy pains for me when I described how upset I was. You sighed with relief along with me when United compensated me with some bonus miles for their mistake. Well guess what. Its happening again, but this time, I'm trying to nip it in the bud.

It turns out that its not a computer error.

I noticed when I checked in online for my flight for tomorrow that it was asking me if I wanted to upgrade using points again. I feel embarrassed because when this happened before I did not understand why. I thought it was a blast from the past, but it was actually a blast from the present. A blast of hot, scalding disappointment.

You see, the representative I called at United told me that the Premium Service flights from JFK to SFO are in fact not eligible for the Unlimited Domestic Upgrade program for premiers. The reason? Because there is no economy on those plains, only economy plus. So that one time I was upgraded for the hell of it was before they enacted this policy. ALSO, the lady on the phone told me something about how this flight was branded a Continental flight as well. "No" I replied to the woman who's English was difficult to understand. "Bad, go to your room. What you are saying doesn't make any sense". The flight is NOT branded Continental. If it were, I'd see it on my ticket. I've flown this Premium Service so many times before, so why would it suddenly become a Continental branded flight? You know what? Now I am mad again, I might call them back and complain some more.

MANY MINUS POINTS FOR UNITED! I am severely disappointing. I voiced my concern to the low level employee on the phone, and she offered to let me speak to a supervisor, but I declined. The supervisor is just going to feed me a line of bullshit. Sure, I may be able to convince him to upgrade me for free for THIS flight, but that would just be putting fiery red lipstick on a blatantly unattractive and overweight pig. I want all of my premium service flights from JFK to California to be eligible for the unlimited domestic upgrade plan.

I still have the option of spending 15,000 miles out of the 60,000 I have on a guaranteed upgrade. But I am not sure it is worth it. Should I upgrade the flight out there, the flight back? Or both? I'd still have 30,000 left (plus all the miles I will earn for the flight, car rental, and hotel stay) to spend on my wife and I when we fly the premium service to SFO again in December. But only for one leg.

Its a tough decision I don't want to have to make. United should not have removed this feature for these flights. Bad United, BAD.

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