Monday, November 29, 2010

Star Gold

I just printed out my boarding pass for my USAirways flight tomorrow. For those of you who don't know, I am a United Airlines Premier Executive member, which means that I am also a Star Alliance Gold member. USAirways is a member of the Star Alliance. I am expecting some special consideration on my USAirways flight because of my elite status with United. I was concerned that without my Star Alliance gold card (its in the mail), I'd have to settle for regular people status. However, on my boarding pass on the top near the center are the two little magic words I was hoping would be there: Star Gold.

Here is what I am expecting from the moment I get to the airport tomorrow:

1) Flower petals sprinkled upon the ground that I am to walk from the curb to the plane
2) $300 in gold bullion
3) The opportunity to board first, before the pilots and the flight attendants
4) The opportunity to deplane first, before they even get to open the door
5) A stretch limousine made from two stretch limousines that picks me up and takes me to my final destination

Is that too much to ask for a Star Alliance Gold member?

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