Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out of nowhere, Hampton Inn!

Due to the mysterious nature of the universe, I stayed at a Hampton Inn and Suites in Orem, Utah. I arrived late at night in my Cadillac DTS. I had to do a 5-point turn just to get into a parking spot. Once I arrived, a young man or woman (or some kind of combination of the two) checked me in. I was expected an upgrade to a suite since I was a Gold member, but I knew that the Hampton Inn (not being a branded Hilton) may not do upgrades. However, for my status I was given free internet and a bottle of water with a candy bar.

I found my hotel room, opened the door and walked in. The room was perfectly normal, nice king sized bed, old tube television, a desk... then I turned around to put my bag down and I saw what had to be the MOST RANDOM CONCEPT IN THIS UNIVERSE AND POSSIBLY SEVERAL OTHER UNIVERSI.

I saw this:

That is a jacuzzi... in the bedroom. Awesome? I think... It was definitely VERY cool and relaxing to sit in a whirlpool whilst watching some crap on television. Everything else about the place was perfectly normal, including the Hampton Inn barely-edible free breakfast.

So if you are ever in Provo or Orem, and need a place to stay... you should probably just drive up to Salt Lake City. But if you can't, then stay here.

And by the way, Utah is gorgeous.

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  1. Porn has been filmed in that very room