Friday, November 12, 2010

Never make that mistake again

I did something dumb. I invested heavily in bulls because I heard that there was a bull market. But it turns out that a bull market has nothing to do with bulls, and EVERYTHING to do with markets. So next time, I'll invest heavily in markets.

Oh, and I also screwed up my room reservation at the Hilton Glendale. I thought, for some reason, that there would always just be plenty of executive level rooms at the Hilton Glendale. I mean... why would that place ever be packed or crowded? Its in Glendale for Christ's sake. I am still not entirely convinced Glendale is a real place. Anyway, when I was booking my room through Hilton's website, I was offered a much lower room rate if I selected "room assigned at check-in" instead of guaranteeing myself a king sized room. With my Hilton Honor's Gold Status, I thought for sure they would just assume that I would need to be upgraded to the executive level rooms. I mean... come on.

Well, when I got there the lady at the desk told me that they only had two double bed rooms available. I said "Absolutely not, if you can't find me at least a queen, then I am going to have to stay somewhere else". The truth is, I meant it. I am 6'6" and have massive amounts of glorious muscle, so I require a large bed to house my superior physical structure. The lady felt bad and somehow magically conjured a queen room. I took it. The room was actually nice. In fact, it was better than the super large corner executive suite I had last time because you could see the television from the toilet. That is such an incredible plus.

So the lesson learned is that you should never assume your Gold status will guarantee you anything at a Hilton. Always book the room you want ahead of time. You never know when there will be a conference for the individuals who believe in mythical towns (Glendale) at your hotel.

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