Monday, November 8, 2010

Kept the motor running

EVERYONE knows that the faster you can drive your car, the cooler and more of a man you are. Its just common knowledge. There was something in the dead sea scrolls about making sure your chariot has enough horse power, and a good catalytic converter. I know this, because I wrote the dead sea scrolls.

When I was making my reservation with Hertz for this trip to Burbank, I was given the option of renting a car from the "Fun Collection". It was a new Chevy Camaro. I figured that since it was a rental car, it'd just be an all looks thing. Last time I rented from the Fun Collection I got a mustang that clearly was one of the bottom of the line models for that year. This time, when I walked out of the terminal, my car was the one that they literally had on display at the Hertz lot to signify how awesome Hertz is supposed to be. Here are a couple of pictures.

This car was awesome. It had a heads up display for maximum futuristicness™, lots of power under the hood, leather seats, and bluetooth connectivity to my iPhone. It was a Camarao SS model. The SS stands for SUPER SPEED. Lets just say that I'm surprised I didn't get several thousand speeding tickets. I was immediately hooked after peeling out of the Hertz parking lot and INSTANTLY being 20 miles away. So fast.

This rental also marked my 11th OFFICIAL rental with Hertz this year, which means I should be upgraded to #1 Club Gold Five Star next year. Here is how Hertz breaks it down:

Number 1 club Gold - Membership fee service

Standard designated Gold stalls

Five Star - A Preferred Level of Service

Our # 1 Club Gold Five Star was created to thank and reward members who rent with us at least
10 times in a year. #1 Club Gold Five Star members enjoy:

President's Circle - An Exceptional Category of Service

This service was created for those members whose schedules bring them out on the road with Hertz at least
40 times a year. #1 Club Gold President's Circle was implemented to recognize our most loyal members and to make traveling with Hertz a more enriching experience. Our President's Circle Members enjoy:

Combined with the advantages of #1 Club Gold, being a President's Circle member will make all of your Hertz rentals more rewarding than ever before.

I can't imagine anyone making it to the President's Circle. You need to have made 40 rentals. That is insane. There are only 52 weeks in a year. You'd have to be some kind of travel god to need to rent that many cars. Also, why is it called the President's Circle? I don't see how renting a car 40 times can be considered presidential. The president doesn't need to rent a car. He has access to many cars. Also, why is it a circle? I would prefer a rhombus, or a dodecahedron. Also, its President's Circle, with an apostrophe 's' meaning that the President is the owner of this circle. That.... just.... doesn't make sense. Either way, you can all look forward to me recounting what its like to be a Five Star Gold Rhombus Member, and if its really worth being loyal to Hertz.

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