Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I might need the card

I got an e-mail this morning from United informing me that I have achieved premier executive status.


I was unaware.

What is nice however is that they are planing to send me a qualification kit, which will include a card. Now, you might think that in the age of telephones, radios, and pagers that a plastic card is unnecessary to have. AMAZINGLYWRONG™. That card has my name and a Star Alliance Gold emblem on it. This card is my ticket (pun slightly intended) to boarding priortity when my boarding pass does not indicate my elite status. This will occur on non-United flights. If I want to board first, then I will need this card unless I am flying on United or some other airline that will indeed show my elite status on the boarding pass.

I will actually be testing this in the coming week since I am scheduled to fly to Orlando, and then Mexico the following week. United does not have direct flights to these locations from NYC, however, Continental and USAirways does. Both are Star Alliance members.

So, we shall sea shells down by the sea shore.

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