Friday, November 19, 2010

17th in line

Remember how I recounted to you in a glorious and intriguing way that I had only 400 miles left until I reached Premier Executive after my flights earlier this week? Well, I made up those 400 miles flying from Utah to Denver in a CRJ200 (which had no First Class). When I arrived at the Denver international aerostation, I was ready to greet my fellow passenger (subjects) with a regal wave and perhaps a stirring speech about my new superiority.

Well, when I arrived at the gate for my flight to LaGuardia, I was greeted with only the upgrade request list, which said that I was 10th out of 17 in line for an upgrade. "SHIT" I actually said out loud. Several people turned to look at me inquisitively... I just performed an ultra-dragon™ kick to their temples and defeated them instantly all the while proclaiming the unjustness of my low low ranking position in "the line".

AND, my boarding pass still said I was a Premier member in seating area number 1... DAMMIT. When it was in fact time to board, I noticed that there were no less than 5,000 Premier Executives in line before me, ready to board and take up all the over head space before I was able to get on. DOUBLE DAMMIT. I thought I was going to be part of a group of elite members, few and far between. But, I'm now just another shmo in the mist. I am not sure why there is mist. There always seems to be mist. The funny thing is, there are probably less Premier than there are Premier Executive because managing to fly less than 50,000 but more than 25,000 is pretty difficult. If you fly enough to get 25,000 then by the end of the year, then its doubtful you'll stop there.

At least I had a nice seat in Economy Plus. It wasn't so bad. I wasn't hungry or thirsty so I never bothered with the concessions, I just sat and watched a couple of movies on my computational device and before I knew it I was home.

Anyway, I'm excited to report back to all of you about what life is like as Premier Executive on my next flight.

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