Monday, October 4, 2010

Jet Blue does not represent me

Screw Jet Blue. I mean, they're awesome, but screw 'em! They are way too new-age. Cut your hair you lousy corporation! Jet Blue likes Rock & roll music, which is too new and too exciting for the likes of normal people, such as myself. Jet Blue is a low-cost airlines that began in 2001. What separates them from everyone else is that every seat has a television, and their in-flight food and beverage service is better than you'd expect from a 'low-cost' airline.

JetBlue upbeat despite rivals' merger

Ten years after JetBlue Airways Corp. landed in Rochester and changed the way business was done here, its CEO, David Barger, flew in on Friday to talk with his Rochester-based employees.

Only days after discount competitor Southwest Airlines Co. announced a major deal to buy AirTran Airways, another discounter and the No. 2 Rochester carrier, Barger was upbeat and confident, saying JetBlue is profitable, well-liked by fliers and ready to capitalize on its recent growth in New York, its home state.

Barger said the carrier, based in Queens, is now the official airline of the state and is co-branding its planes with the "I Love NY" slogan.

Empire State Development Corp. recently sealed the slogan deal with JetBlue, the largest domestic airline in the state and the largest airline at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, where it built a new terminal.

I used to fly Jet Blue all the time. I had a True Blue card and was racking up points. This was back when I was in college and was as poor as an aardvark on Sunday. What I really liked about them was that there was no first class. What I really don't like about them now is that there is no first class. That, and they don't have an elite program. So, they may get the average flier to use their airlines, but they'll never get the frequent flier.

You see, back when I was using them I was saving up their points for... I dunno... something. It turns out that the only thing you would get was a free round trip ticket. I got really close, in fact, I was one or two flights away when my points expired and I had to start over. From that moment, I vowed never to fly Jet Blue again.

I want my elite status. I travel so much that I need my traveling experience to be better than if I only flew once a year. It is not worth my time to sit in economy on a plane with good amenities, throwing away the chance to be in Business or First with excellent amenities.

Call it shallow, call it awesome, call it whatever you want. It just is. I may one day switch to Delta, or US Airways or some fourth thing, but it will be because of the elite status they offer, not because of the price. It is just not worth it to fly Jet Blue as a frequent flier, therefor, as a New Yorker, I do no accept that Jet Blue represents my home. Sorry Jet Blue, next time maybe. Actually, probably not next time.


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