Monday, September 13, 2010

Hilton gold

So, as you all know by now, I've achieved the gold VIP status with hilton honors. This makes me automatically considered "awesome" by not only the Hilton chain, but by many partnering institutions such as:

3) Wayne Enterprises
4) My Wife LLC, INC.
5) The Society for the Advancement of Excellence
6) The IRS

So for those of you considering the Hilton Honors program, let me share my experience with you. I rolled up in my Prius... all saving a bunch of gas and junk... and pulled into the parking lot of a Hilton branded hotel. To be more specific, the Hilton Glendale. I VERY awesomely take the elevator to the lobby and head to the VIP Check in desk. The women at the desk said that I would be upgraded to the executive level on floor 14. She also said, that as a VIP Gold member, I get to chose a reward. My choice was 9000 Hilton Honors points, a second thing which I forget, several middle east oil contracts, or free breakfast at their restaurant every day. I went for the free breakfast.

I was feeling pretty slick for being treated most excellently so instead of walking to the elevator, I swaggered. Several idiots asked me what I was doing and I simply took out an all-gold brass knuckle and punched them in the shoulder blades until they went away.

I get to my room just as the sun as setting to behold a very nice view. Behold with me:

It was a nice corner room with an excellent view of beautiful Glendale. BEAUTIFUL I SAY! The desk was spacious, the bed was bedscellent™, there were lots of plugs for all of my electronic devices, and the light was pretty good. There were SOME issues with the room however. The room never cooled down enough for my liking, the shower switch in the bathroom to turn the water machine from a useless tub to a shower didn't work so well (it required massive amounts of strength to pull the stopper up far enough so that water would come out of the shower head instead of the bath...head, fortunately, I posses massive amounts of strength), and this hotel room suffered from what a lot of hotel rooms suffer from... an HDTV with no HD signal. Such a waste.

The other reason why being on the executive floor is so important is the executive lounge. Now, this hotel happened to have the most incredible executive lounge I've ever seen. Instead of calling it an executive lounge, they called it the Horizon's Lounge...which indicates its extra specialness. It was on top of the hotel and was only accessible if you had an executive room key. I shot some video of the outer patio of the lounge so that you may better see its uniqueness.

Here is a picture of the inside:

The really awesome thing is that I completely forgot to pack any toiletries for this trip. So the hotel gladly provided me with some toothpaste in a packet, the weirdest deodorant stick I've ever seen (it consisted of a rolling ball sitting on top of a well of liquid that did a good job of pulling my individual armpit hairs out during normal use), and what could pass as a toothbrush if you were incredibly stupid. They also gave me a razor and some shaving cream even though I didn't ask for those items! How various and sundry of them!

Breakfast was delicious, probably because it was free. And Porter's Steakhouse located in the lobby was pretty good. All-in-all, I enjoyed my stay here, even though it was pricier than low heaven (about $208 per night including taxes and not including parking). I'm still convinced that its worth it to stay at Hilton branded hotels once you reach Gold status in favor of The Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, Double Tree or Conrad branded hotels (all owned by Hilton) because of the upgrades and hilarious treatment.


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