Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gold in my mail

Paying off has finally paid off! My Hilton honors VIP Gold card arrived in the mail that I used other people's money to acquire.

Behold its MEDIOCRE glory!

Honestly, I was expecting it to look... I dunno... umm... GOLD. What the hell is this? A pool? I am not a VIP Pool member, I am not a VIP Triple Palm tree member, I am not a VIP Sunset member... I am VIP GOLD MEMBER DAMMIT.

Breath. Ok, no worries. Lets read the letter and see what I get.

Dear Aaron,

.... You spend a lot of time away from home traveling the world and you deserve to be rewarded
Wow... thanks for reminding me that I leave my family at home for weeks at a time to live it up at a Hilton Glendale.

These Bonus Points will bring you that much closer to your next once-in-a-lifetime experience with your family and friends.

Really? First you tell me I spend too much time away from family and friends, and now, I can somehow turn that experience into additional time with family and friends. Is this a VIP Quantum Flux member card? Research says yes.

Privileges reserved for Gold members
• On-property amenities (such as a hotel room, and parts of a bed that you can put together using your own excellent ingenuity)!
• Elite-only rewards (so some privileges of being a Gold member include having additional privileges)

Whether you are looking for a luxury destination resort, a modern hotel with every high-tech amenity (such as electricity and a phone book)...

My comments are certainly NOT in bold or in parenthesis.

I really shouldn't be complaining. I'm just making fun. I am very excited to be a Hilton VIP Sunset Ocean Palm Chair Pool member. I have about 100,000 Hilton Honors points at the moment, and I am trying to save them up for a week-long stay at the Hilton Barcelona. Unfortunately, I'm only one third of the way there. Perhaps the 25% point bonus I now receive will pay off.

Until then.



  1. Well, yours looks better than mine. Had a AmEX Platinum Hilton H Honors card. Lost it and applied for a new one. New one came plain and brown. Really ugly and blah. Called AmEx...evidently that's the new card without paying a fee which I didn't do before and still had the platinum. Like yours much better!!!

  2. I sense a downhill trend interms of card designs. The one before the one pictures above was a lot more gold in color, and a lot simpler. Sounds like you got downgraded to Hilton Honors Brown, which is... umm.... unfortunate. I'd be pretty annoyed if I got one of those in the mail as well! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have searched many major cities inside / outside of US such as: Seattle, Portland, NYC, Tokyo, Anchorage, and so on. It seems like only that one Hampton Inn Houston/Baytown on your post give a rate of $130 or 7500 pts per night ($1=1.7 cents), the Hampton Inn in other cities all have similar rate but with 20k to 35k pts per night($1=<0.5 cent), if I am misunderstanding the tier level is classified by city or region instead of hotel brand (such as Hampton Inn) then please enlighten me, which Hilton hotels at which city require only 7500 pts per night other than Hampton Inn Houston/Baytown, because I have seen NONE after 1 hour search. Please convince me that there are actually more than 1 tier one hotels, otherwise the point will never worth more than 0.5 cent each.