Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Give it to me

I want it. That's right. IT MUST BE MINE. Pppprrreeeccciiooouuusss Premier Executive status. If you have it, you are required to give it to me, give it to me now. STOP NOT GIVING IT TO ME.

United recently revamped their online mileage plus page. It now shows you a progress bar indicating how far along you are to reaching the next tier. This progress bar is BRILLIANT. All it does is make me want to fly more.

So, I sat down and calculated what my chances are of getting Premier Executive status before the end of the year (you have to get 50,000k elite qualifying miles before January 1st).

I need 7679 elite qualifying miles. That means, I must fly that many miles before the end of the year. Well, I have already booked one flight to visit family for New Years, but since only one leg of that trip falls in 2010, only half that round trip counts!

So, BOS to SFO is 2700 miles one way. So that means 4979 miles left. I also know that I will probably be flying to Salt Lake City and back in October, which is 3960 miles. This means that I will need to travel 1019 miles to reach Premier Executive Status.

Here are some options I have considered to make sure I get these miles:

1) Purchase a round trip ticket to somewhere cheap and just fly the miles
2) Develop a device using SCIENCE that will convert non-miles into miles using highly complex ideas and concepts
3) Ask United to be a mench
4) Do a fourth thing

For those of you wondering what the difference is between Premier status and Premier Executive, let me lay it down for you.

Obviously, you get all the perks that you get as a Premier member (that'd be weird if they took them away); special TSA security line, board before economy, no baggage fees, upgrades etc... But as a premier executive, you get... like... a better version of all of those perks. You get to board BEFORE the Premier members. You are also Star Alliance GOLD member which means that you get certain priorities on other non-United flights, you also are higher up on any upgrade request list.

On top of all of those things, you get a mileage bonus. For premiers, it is 25%, for premier executives it is 50%. That means, you get 50% more miles than you've actually flown (they don't count towards elite qualifying miles unless you have a paid ticket in First, Business or unrestricted economy). This is useful if you plan on using your miles to buy plane tickets or upgrades.

So... umm... GIVE IT TO ME.

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