Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fold like a file

Have you guys ever seen the X-Files? Thats a good show. I think it just came out. You should go see it. Did you know that I star in every episode? I play the file.

Remember how I was talking about the horribleocity™ of the LAX Hertz rental facility? Well, it turns out that I have to return to the Los Angeles area next week, and this time, I'm flying to Burbank. Of course, there is no direct flight from Burbank to NYC, so I am connected through SFO. This is a good thing. I will get slightly more miles for the same trip, AND, I'll get to bypass that damned rental facility.

The flight from JFK to SFO is the same as the flight from JFK to LAX. UNITED Premium service. Same airplane, same number of business class seats, and hopefully, THE SAME DAMN UPGRADE. I am hoping to the lord Jesus of Maspeth Queens that I get upgraded. Why? Because let us face it, I'm a big guy. I am 6'6" inches of glorious ultra-human™ superflesh and extremebones. I DO NOT want to go back to reprising my role as a file so that I can fit into economy plus.

Are you praying with me?!!?!?

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