Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unlimited upgrades

As you ALL are currently aware, United enacted a policy wherein you had to pay when you used your miles to upgrade your seat. NONSENSE I declared loudly in a crowded terminal. NONSENSE.

What that meant was that instead of 15,000 miles being spent to upgrade my seat from crap, to slightly less crap, I have to spend 15,000 miles plus $50! What the shit, man. Inappropriate. Now my miles don't have any value. I'm not going to spend my own money on my company trips.

Fortunately, United enacted another policy that kind of counter-balanced it. Its called Unlimited Domestic Upgrades. Now, whenever I book a ticket, I'm automatically put on an upgrade list. And you know what, every time I've been upgraded to First Class. So, I don't fly coach as much as I fly First. I LIKE THAT. Everyone likes that. People like seeing me in First Class, it makes them happy and it makes me happy. Nobody wants a giant 6'6" superjew sitting next to them, or behind them in coach.

So now, I'm not so mad. And I even read recently that they are going to dial back the co-pays, probably because of my nasty letters.

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