Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Waco

I've just booked my flight to Waco, Texas. Every person I've told, so far, that I'm going to Waco, Texas gives me the same response. The response cannot be typed out, so here is a series of pictures illustrating the response.

As you can see, most people are not a fan of this particular town. And so far, I'm not either. But for no other reason than the fact that there are no direct flights to Texas out of NYC by United.

From my previous posts, you've concluded that I do not like to fly on a code share or other Star Alliance flight other than United, because, the benefits of being Premier do not carry over. One day, when I elevate my elite status from "least elite possible" to "medium elite", I'll achieve Star Alliance Gold status, which does have benefits on other airlines. But it won't be as glorious as United's FREE UNLIMITED UPGRADES, which you can only get when flying a United flight.

Behold my former glory:

I am praying to the Lord God Jesus of Moses that this will happen again on any one of my 17 connecting flights to Waco. Actually, there is no airport in Waco. You have to either fly to Dallas/Ft. Worth or Austin and drive.

I'm also working on achieving Hertz's Gold status. I'm 3.6/7ths of the way there.

So, I have connecting flights. Whats the opposite of the word "awesomellent"? At least I found United flights. All in all, I'm sure there are plenty of easy, stress-free direct flights out of LaGuardia directly to my hotel room in Waco, but honestly, I don't even want to look for them. If I know they exist, then I'll be even more irritated.

So, it turns out, that every once in a while, you have to suck it up and either take a code-share, or make crappy connections. Because, maybe you don't fly enough to justify breaking your loyalty for one flight. Some co-workers of mine fly over 200,000 miles a year. They can achieve the highest elite tier ON MULTIPLE AIRLINES!! They practically get their own jet for their loyalties. But not me. So far, I fly about 30,000 miles a year. Enough to just barely make the lowest elite tier on one airline. I chose United. Why? Because America wants me to. America talks to me through a smokey, southern, and convincing voice in my head.

I'll let you know how it goes, and if I get my upgrade. I'm also flying to Colorado the following week. There is a wonderful direct flight from LaGuardia to Denver by United, so I'm psyched about that. It looked full online, but maybe my Premier status plus a one dollar bill folded nicely and inserted into the G-string of a gate attendant will get me that upgrade at the last minute. So, in the next two weeks, that is a total of 6 flights. ONE of those has to be an upgrade.

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